Vertical trellis gardening in summer

Everything is flourishing in the main garden. I have trellis for the squashes, pumpkins, and cucumbers, and put posts around the tomatoes and peppers.

In the first picture you can see I have fencing laying on top of the garden mound  –I’m attempting to prevent my cat from digging in the soil– specifically because she is peeing and crapping around the plants. Actually, it’s not helping as she still finds a way to dig on all the garden mounds.

Pumpkins, cushaw, yellow squash and lettuce 

The potatoes in the grow bags have stalks now. To the right of the potato bags is the polytunnel, and here I suspect the watermelons will be up in a couple of days. We desperately need rain now that our cool spring weather has quickly turned into 90 degree weather.

Potatoes in grow bags + varieties of greens

Here the two garden beds are full of plant diversity. There’s  cabbages, broccoli, radishes, carrots, cilantro, beets, kale, spinach, collards, and herbs growing together. The mound to the left has peas blooming as they’re climbing the trellis.

Similarly in this mound I have a variety of greens growing together. As these plants get bigger, I can still plant in between them with seeds or transplant veggies.

For instance, I still have a lot of tomatoes left to transplant, so I could plant tomatoes where I need to fill in spaces of the garden. I’ve transplanted many tomatoes and peppers already, but I probably have 30 tomato plants that I have to figure out what to do with (if I can).

This mound is growing cucumbers but you may notice there isn’t any sprouting in the front of the mound– this is also where my cat is digging. So near this mound I have made a litter box for her to avoid my garden. 

As the other gardens begin to flourish, I’ll keep ya posted. Have a happy Mother’s day to all my motherly gardeners!