Tulip Spring garden, veggie garden & blooming fruit treed

There’s many beautiful varieties of tulips in the garden right now. I composted around them too to help them along.

Plum and pear trees blooming

Peach and nectarine trees blooming

Their enchanting and when I’m feeling uneasy about life, I look at the flowers.

I also have broccoli and cauliflower transplanted in the garden beds, a long with onion bulbs. I transplanted these today and I transplanted a lilac bush today as well.

I have more broccoli and cauliflower that are seedlings I started from seed. They’re growing very slow, so I’m waiting to transplant them when they mature, and then transplant them in my other garden.

There’s tomatoes and pepper seedlings I started from seed as well, and they’re quite small so I’m waiting to transplant them when they mature.

There’s strawberry plants I put in pots, as well. I don’t seem to have luck with these if I’m growing them in beds. And I have purple potatoes planted in the pots as well.

I bought a 50 lb. Bag of kennebac potatoes to transplant those on good Friday as the saying goes. I’ll be planting them in the grow bags again because that seems easy and successful.

If you want to see a little garden tour, go on over to the YouTube channel at vegans living off the land to watch the newest video and others like it. Or you can simply watch below.