Tulip garden pics + grow bag potatoes in April

I want to keep capturing the beauty of tulips this year before all of them have died off, so I keep taking pictures of them. But I sowed lots of summer flower seed as the spring flowers fade.

Thursday I sowed sunflowers, zinnias, and chamomile, in addition I have lavender to transplant into the flower garden. There’s another interesting plant I stumbled upon that is just brilliant– the Cassia Popcorn plant which absolutely smells like buttered popcorn when it’s touched. This tropical plant grows up to 8 feet tall but in my region– it will be small and I’ll have to bring it in during the winter.
Later on Thursday I sowed cushaw and straightneck squash, straight 8 and home pickling cucumber seed, in addition to jack o lantern and sugar baby pumpkins, and bottle gourds. After sowing, I covered each row of sown seeds with clear plastic to protect the seeds and warm the soil so that it encourages the seeds to germinate.

Today I got compost and spread on the areas where I will soon transplant tomatoes and peppers. Also I spread compost where i’m going to sow watermelon seed under the polytunnel and cantaloupe under the second polytunnel. Growing melons under the polytunnels will ensure I can protect the seeds during any cool weather till mid May. Next week will be 80 degree temperatures, so I’m waiting then to sow melon seed and transplanting the lavendar, tomatoes and peppers.

The rest of the truckload of compost was used to fill 20 grow bags, and in them I planted potatoes, the Kennebac variety. As I make more progress on these gardens, I will continue to show you along the way. Good night everyone and have a great weekend.