The porch back into a greenhouse for houseplants

A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned off the porch and ripped off the old transparent sheeting. My dog lives in the porch so everything was grimy and desperately needed a good cleaning.
I had been keeping ceramic tiles stacked all over the porch too, so I got them cleaned off and stacked in my garden shed to make space for the tropical houseplants.
The houseplants will die from these freezing nights now, so I had to get these covered. In my spare time, I put the plants on the porch then cut the pieces of transparent plastic sheeting  to fit the sections of the porch. I had collected pieces of wood to drill or hammer screws and nails to the wood to secure the plastic. I double layered the plastic as well as added layer of prote tion from the cold.
I still need to add the second layer of plastic to the door side of the porch. This design isn’t professional or even amateur, I just put it together hillbilly style, and it will keep my plants protected and my dog warm in the upcoming winter season. I’m not sure they’ll survive outside all winter and I’m running out of space in my house for the plants, but I might end up bringing them in when it gets into the single digits.

And I have added to this halloween scene because I’m a sucker for this time of year!