Sowed in more corn & beans with trellis

Before this upcoming weeks worth of thunderstorms, I finally tilled another spot in the second garden. Then I hoed up rows for more corn and beans. I planted the Bantam corn variety on this side of the garden down from the Hickory king corn that is already growing. And I’m continuing with the half runner beans in the rest of the rows I hoed today.

Afterwards, I put up posts and fencing for the beans already growing. This variety of beans I’m growing is Half runners which are pole beans, so they need a trellis for optimal growth. I have more fencing to put up but I was getting ate up by mosquitoes so I left for the day to work on it later.

My grandmother graciously makes me a vegetable smorgasbord after working hours in the garden. She sliced some tomatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled Spanish rice, greens beans, fried zucchini, baked sweet potatoes and vegan biscuits. Wow, isn’t she the greatest? She’s a good woman and her and pap are always helping me try to make these gardens successful. Happy gardening, y’all!