Sheet mulching food forest & prepping potato bags

Yesterday I bought a truck load of cedar mulch. I used this to sheet mulch around the mulberry tree, grape vines, aronia and goji berry bushes.

There is a flower and herb bed behind these, and I have outlined this bed with glass bottles. And I would like to mulch this bed because I have hibiscus, phlox, mint, and thyme spreading.

In this bed, there’s an old toilet I have repurposed. Many people would think a toilet decoration in your yard to grow flowers is trashy, but I’m embracing my white trash, and repurposing the recyclables. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be growing in the toilet but I have mulch and compost inside ready to grow anything.

The cedar didn’t spread very far. I was hoping to get some mulch around the blueberry bushes, but didnt have enough mulch to do so.

Blueberries & goji berries

I was able to use some of the mulch to mix with garden soil in the grow bags. This Friday I’m off work so I’ll take that day as an opportunity to buy another truck load of compost and add to the grow bags. Then I’ll sow some of the poatoes. I have a 50 lb bag of potatoes to sow, so I’m going to have to sew more grow bags. As you can see in the photo, I only have 24 bags to grow potatoes.

I’m quickly going through money buying compost and mulch by the truck load. But it’s all very necessary when caring beautifying your gardens.

I’m satisfied with these garden beds which I have cilantro, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower growing in. I have the hoops set up and netting as well.