Sewed early peas & fruit trees coming to bloom

Yesterday I sewed peas in one hugelkultur bed outside. The variety is Early Alaska pea, so I figured they could tolerate the early March weather until the Spring gets warmer. I didn’t water the peas because I’m letting the rain take care of that chore for me. In the pic below, I cleaned up these two beds where I will grow plants that I have started indoors in addition to the row of peas I sewed in the bed on the right.

Sewed peas after growing broccoli last fall 

Fruit trees around the garden are budding as well and will bloom soon, such as the Plums, Pears, Peaches and Nectarines. The blueberries are budding too so they’re going to bloom soon. The cherries are may bloom after the cold hardy fruit trees bloom.

Pear budding & cherry tree behind pear

Pears, cherries, plums, figs

The tulips and daffodils are still slow to bloom because of the long period of cold weather. The Parrot tulips and Aphrodite varieties are growing under the pear trees, but I’m not sure they’ll flower as much as they did two years ago.

Parrot tulips under pear

Aphrodite tulips under pear

Nectarines & peach trees are budding too
This variety of tulips is my favorite: Happy generation

I don’t expect the young goji berries, aronia and the younger blueberry plants to fruit for another couple of years so I’m not as concerned with keeping them covered from frost. But the goji plants are leafing out already along with the raspberries. The raspberries may flower within the next month as they are a everbearing variety that have summer and fall harvests.