Scrumptious garden food into salsa & spaghetti sauce

I have been quite busy outside of the garden work. But in my down time, I’m watering the garden, hoeing, weeding, harvesting and canning.

Lately I have been picking and stringing beans from the garden. My family has been gracious enough to help, and even grandma is canning beans for me. In exchange, she gets all the beans she wants.

Patty pan squash, beans & potatoes for canning 

Beans canned 

Beans & potatoes canned, spaghetti sauce & pickled cucumbers/peppers 

Of course the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs from the garden are going to making salsa, spaghetti sauce or salads.

I turned these into salsa minus the cucumbers 

Here is the salsa, more tomatoes & carrots 

I turned these herbs, tomatoes & peppers into spaghetti sauce 
Here’s the spaghetti sauce & pickled cucumbers/peppers