Sad days but the gardens are being prepped

For weeks, I’ve been going up in the woods collecting rocks, leaves, and logs, for the garden but I feel that’s coming to an end. When I woke up today I saw the property owner using a bobcat to make paths in the woods so they can sell the property. I’m worried I won’t be able to go in the woods anymore, the woods that means so much to me. The woods behind my house is the place I go to be alone, to think, to cry, to sing, to hike, to meditate and enjoy nature. We’ll see what happens… I wish I can buy it but I don’t have $200,000 to buy land just to say that I own it, nobody owns land when land owns itself.

I was collecting the rocks though to start making a cob house for free, and now my dream is crushed. It’s the mounting sadness of everything, though…my cat just died. I’ve also been dealing with drastic home repair efforts and loneliness, crippling depression. I never really talk about myself on this blog because the focus is on the garden, but it’s simply something I can’t hide when the woods that gives me life is being sold out from under me…Maybe I should write a book about it (haha.)

On a lighter note, I took more pictures of the Tulip Garden because the Tulips are blooming almost everyday. There’s at least one to tulip that blooms each day.

Yesterday was 80 degrees here, so I took advantage of the weather, and I cleaned the garden beds, then added soil. Additionally, I started making the hoop house that you see beside the two garden beds.

Usually I grow tomatoes in this spot, but the summer I’m going to plant melon and pumpkin seed here. A couple months back, I shoveled in compost so the soil here is Rich and will be perfect for melons and pumpkins.