Rock garden, tire tower, & beautiful crocuses

I have continued to clean the yard this week. I need to have another brush fire again. I especially am cleaning up arounf the flower garden and desperately need to mulch them. The crocuses are already blooming and the hyacinths leaves are poking out of the ground.

For the last couple of days i have hauled rocks from the woods to put around fruit trees and fruit bushes. I’ll show you a tour soon.

I have started working on a tire tower flower garden. I need to clean them so I can eventually paint them vibrant spring colors then transplant flowers in them.

Also i decided to start cabbage and cauliflower indoors. Once the seedlings come up, I’m going to put them in the porch greenhouse during sunny days. By mid March i will tranplant them outside in a mini tunnel greenhouse i have. There is much to do in the garden even in winter, so I’ll keep you updated.