Recycled plastic bottles covering seedlings & more Easter tulips

This week has been rainy with wild temperatures after the snow last week. The spring flowers are blooming around the yard. If course the tulips are blooming one by one for the last two weeks, along with daffodils, violets, and the fruit trees.

Plum tree 
Peach tree blooming

In between rains, I worked in the garden, cleaning up the beds and adding garden soil to them. With the plastic bottles I collected from people– I’m putting them in the garden beds to protect the cabbage I transplanted today.

The bottles act as a mini greenhouse for the plants, and they will keep my cat from digging up the garden bed. The 2 liter bottles are covering the Early Jersey and golden acre cabbage seedlings, while the 16 fl oz bottles and tops are covering the Easter egg radishes and spinach seed I sowed directly in the soil. To the left of the seedlings, Early Alaskan peas are pushing through the soil.

The next day I finished the second garden bed by transplanting more cabbage and collard seedlings aand sowing radish, spinach, and pea seed.

Also I have been going to the woods collecting large stones and wood. The wood is to frame the garden beds and the stones are being saved to make part of the cob shed (if I ever get around to building it.) For now I’m piling the stones around garden beds, fruit trees and bushes.

The beginning of April is a busy month for early gardeners, as I have more tomatoes to sow, including peppers indoors, and transplanting the greens and tomatoes I’ve been hardening off in the outside greenhouse/porch.

Early girl tomatoes