Planted Mulberry tree today

The newest addition to the foid forest family is this Everbearing Dwarf Mulberry. It looked very healthy and I didn’t mind spending 13$ fir it. When I brought it home tonight, I immediately transplanted it beside the gojis, aronias, grapes and mint garden.

I took a picture of it after I plant it– And, what doea my cat do?– she pees right where I have added soil around the mulberry. I was so mad because she has killed mamy of my plants doing this. In order to prevent that, I put old forks, knives and spoons around the mulberry in a circle (not shown in the picture). This is so she won’t dig at it and pee on the plant like she has done with many others.

I planted the mulberry beside the gojis, aronias, mint garden & grapes
The dwarf mulberry 

I have a surprise addition to the yard which were these random coneflowers. They’re so beautiful and have a wild mystique that I adore.

Tomorrow I’m tilling up a spot in the front yard to plant more lettuces, brassicas, and other veggies for a fall harvest. In the past, I usually grow these here and I’ve grown tomatoes and Canna flowers here before too. So I’ll show you an update on that later. Have a good weekend everybody!