Pea soup recipe for dinner + blueberries from the garden

The bird netting is working since I was able to pick a lot of blueberries. I enjoyed them as a little snack today and I’ll put some in my morning smoothie tomorrow.

It’s great to pick a variety of garden food throughout the day for different meals, and it makes me proud.
I picked lettuce for garden wraps with other veggies and homemade guacomole in a flour tortilla. 
Later, I then picked a bunch of peas from the garden to make a soup.

For pea soup, shell them and boil them in water first. Cut up onions and carrots and add to the boiling soup. Continue adding water or veggie stock. If using water, you may want to add salt, pepper, garlic, or other herbs, but it’s not necessary if using the stock. With the fresh peas, I had to boil them in water for an hour to get them soft to chew, and even then they could have been boiled longer. I added nutritional yeast and a little oil too.