Ozias Investment cc 1 Page Business Plan

Waterless CARWASH products Business Plan

Ozias Investment cc 1 Page Business Plan



Ozias Investment cc has a clear business objective to offer and distribute Waterless Carwash products. These products and services have been developed over 36 months with a core focus on addressing the key customer problem and associated opportunities.

The Business Objectives

As a key component of our growth strategy, we consider it critical to identify and outline our business objectives, and align these objectives with clear and measurable development milestones. Our key long term business objective is to acquire new customers. Customer acquisition is considered to be the critical activity and we are seeking to grow the number of customers. We understand that customer growth could be at the expense of profitability, and that there is a cost associated with customer acquisition. Our long term objective is to build a clear customer acquisition process.

The Customer

Ozias Investment cc has been created with a clear focus on the needs of our customers. Through a structured customer discovery process, we have validated the key customer problem as the lack of Fast car wash services. This is a critical issue for our selected target market of Inhabitants of urban areas such as Windhoek who have little or no time at all to wait for the car to be washed, which is quite lengthly.

The Value Proposition

Ozias Investment cc is uniquely positioned to deliver value to Inhabitants of urban areas. “Ozias Investment cc will offer Cheaper and Faster car wash services.” In order to be deliver on this value proposition, we Our services and products are completely waterless, thus we only wash the Car ones, we don’t need to use soap,rinse and dry. It is a Once off wash. This capability has taken considerable time and resources to develop and forms the cornerstone of our competitive advantage.



We have a number of competitors within the Waterless CARWASH products market. We consider our key competitors to be: Eco wash. Our understanding of these competitors has been used to refine our strategy and value proposition. We believe that we can compete effectively with Eco wash by being cheaper, faster, and mobile.

Key Strategies

Over the next 6 months, our focus will be to Use social media platforms as an advertising tool. This task will be undertaken in the context of our broader strategy to Expand into a larger market such as Private organizations. These strategies are a tactical implementation of our overall business goal as outlined above.


Measurement of the successful implementation of our strategies will be governed by measurable development milestones. The milestones that will be achieved over the next 2 years are: To Start with the closest people near us, To Build a network for our product and service and To Wash more than 100 vehicles per week

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Waterless CARWASH products Business Plan
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