Netting polytunnels in the garden

It was 74 degrees today–in early February in Kentucky! We have had the craziest weather. It has been warm all week when last week it was 0 degrees.

So, I’m doing a little bit of garden work everyday since it’s a warm week. I put a polytunnel over one mound and put netting on top to keep my cat out. But I can also place transparent plastic over top on those extremely cold spring nights.

I’m slowly putting up more polytunnels over the garden mounds. It’s slow going because I always run out of resources fast on these projects. I bought plenty of netting, but ran out of garden stakes and plastic tubing. So tomorrow I’m going to buy these before work so I can work on them through the weekend.

I covered my flower gardens because the weather is going to be cold again

These are the crocuses I have transplanted in pots