Mowing, weeding, and working in the garden

Finally, I have been mowing this jungle of a yard, and really it’s much better for the fruit trees so they have air circulation and are not competing with weeds for nutrients.

Before I mowed, I picked these wild flowers that were in the yard. I didn’t want to mow around them because the yard is too weedy as it is. I won’t mow or cut down the butterfly plants because apparently they are the only or few things the Monarch butterflies eat. I have many of these plants around the yard in patches.

Wild flower bouquet of daisies, dianthus, honey suckle

Almost all of the fruit trees and bushes have leaves and newspaper around them as sheet mulch, so there’s nothing to mow around them. But the threes peach trees and two nectarine trees are next to an overgrown field so I have to mow or weedeat around them.

Elberta peach trees 



Not very many peaches this year but plenty for me
This is the only peach tree with fruits 

Among all the yard work this week, I also hoed around the beans, corn, and squash at the other garden. I have to hoe around the potatoes soon too as it is a struggle weeding a tilled garden. I have to just till in between the rows though because I have spaced the rows far enough apart to make it easier to do so. Then I put posts around the tomato buckets at the other garden as well.

I have decorated graves of some family today but I’m also going over to my dad’s house this weekend to put flowers on his families graves. That’s what memorial weekend is all about, so be safe traveling and think of the ones we have lost in our lives– have a good weekend y’all.