Lush food forest and prepping for the summer

This spring has been wet and hot so far. The weather has been perfect for flowers and fruiting trees in the garden. The pears, plums, nectarines, and peach trees are fruiting in abundance. The grape vines are fruiting as well. And the blueberries are growing plumper by the day. The aronis berries are fruiting for the first time this year.

Patch of Aronia berry, goji, mulberry, and grape vines

Grape vines fruiting 

Besides the fruiting foods, the brassicas are growing strong in the garden as well. Sunday, I sowed cucumber seed amongst them too. Also Sunday i sowed watermelon and cantaloupe in one garden bed. In other garden beds, there’s radish, oniond, carrot, lettuce, peas, spinach, and beets sprouting in the garden.

Cilantro and brassicas growing

Radish, spinach, peas and beets 

The garden needs a little manicure, as the weeds are growing as healthy as the vegetables.

Monday, I shoveled, tilled, and fenced this patch of ground. Then I hoed some mounds along the row of fencing and sowed two types of pumpkin seed and four types of cucumber seed. This area is where I have grown beans and peas for years, which has added nitrogen to the soil.

Pumpkins and cucumbers sown 

Tomorrow, I will be tilling my other garden which is where I have also been growing beans for years. The beans provided nitrogen to the soil which will be perfect for growing greens and other heavy feeders. Especially ally since this garden gets a lot of compost added throughout the year, the soil is vitamin rich and healthy.

Here too, I have bags of potatoes growing. I have many more potatoes to plant aswell, so I will also sow more potatoes in this garden.

Potatoes in grow bags

Lastly, I wanted to show you the flowers blooming. Most of the tulips have died off but this little cutey is always the last of the tulips, and it’s the most spectacular. The Iris flowers are blooming too as we go into May.

Stay tuned for more garden updates and floral photography.