Luscious Garden food & flower gardens

I’ve been working a lot doing patch work around the house, cutting out moldy walls and putting pieces of drywall in, mudding, painting, and grouting tile in the bathroom too. Our AC leaks water and it comes into the living room, so I titled it more to prevent it from gettjng in anymore, which is why I had to replace the drywall, mud and repaint. My living room and bathroo  are pink now, haha.

I’ve been casually enjoying every meal of garden food. I’ve been picking beans, stringing them and breaking them to be canned, thanks to my grandma and siblings help. 

I’ve hurt my arm so I’m having slight issues doing a lot of physical work. I endured the pain of digging a hole today to transplant my grandma’s new butterfly bush, and then clipped back the dead one.

I’m  even having trouble driving and holding my protest signs at rallies for my sore arm. It has to do with all the atrain I’ve put on the arm doing a bunch more physical labor than I’m used to. I digress…here are photos of the harvests from my garden…

I always admire my grandma’s flower garden

Garden art sun around my grapes