Lovely holiday stuffed acorn squash recipe

Oooh made something delectable that is a delicious dinner wrapped in fall season flavors! In fall, gardeners usually harvest winter squashes. Acorn squash are one of those fall season delights that are perfect for a holiday dinner.

For this meal, I cut he top and bottom of the acorn squash so that it can sit flat in he oven. I preheat the oven for 450 degrees. Then scoop out as much of the squash and chop with some onions, spinach, and vegan soy sausage in a skillet of oil. Toast two slices of bread, chop, then add to the soy sausage mixture. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until squash is soft.

Meanwhile bake squash in the oven while fying soy sausage mix, then add mixture to the acorn squash vessel. Bake for 30 mi utes or until squash is soft on the outside skin.

Of course I didn’t take a picture of this meal  but I’ll make sure to get a shot when I make it with the butternut squash for the upcoming holiday dinner.

But I did snap a picture of this rice, carrot, cabbage cooked with ginger, garlic, sugar and the microgreens I grew garnished on top.