Growing microgreens indoors with plastic recyclables

I have been eating on the microgreens. And I have more to chew on growing under the indoor lights.

It’s nice to have some greenery indoors when its 0 degrees outside. The pipes have froze but lets hope they don’t bust.

Microgreens under grow lights & tropical plants on shelf

Microgreens to eat from indoor growing, plus produce I buy as a
supplement until I have food growing in the gardens 

Here, I have garnished the ramen with microgreens. And I have used the microgreens in other soups, salads, and sandwiches. They’re quicky, easy, and nutritious, so I encourage you to grow what you can, too.

Hoemeade Vegan ramen with kimchi and microgreens.

And not surprisingly, the tulips, crocuses, irises, ferns, and daffodils are emerging up from the soil. I cleaned up around the spring flowers, grubbing the weeds out, and I spread peat moss over them. Tomorrow, I’m going to cover them with sheets of plastic and cloth until March.

I transplanted some of the crocuses to ceramic pots, because I thought that looked better than growing around my yard for two weeks. Crocuses don’t bloom long, and I would rather dedicate yard space to something else that blooms longer. I have many more crocuses to transplant though.

There’s so much to do, so little time. But with these warm days in the forecast, I’m taking advantage of it, and mulching/composting and cleaning up the vegetable and flower gardens and the fruit trees.