Growing microgreens indoor during winter

In the spirit of growing year round, I experiment with cold tolerant crops when most people can’t grow outdoors. I’ve tried a makeshift mini polytunnel/greenhouse with little materials.

Additionally I grow microgreens indoors under grow lights, and on the porch turned into a mini greenhouse. Right now I’m growing microgreens in the porch greenhouse.

Recently I covered the porch in two layers of transparent plastic sheeting to protect my starters and seedlings.

I debated whether or not to bring all the houseplants back inside for the winter, so I only brought in a few and am starting over so to speak.

Honestly, there’s too many for my house and I worry about the weight of the plants collectively in my house, plus the moisture, and my cats messing with the plants– all makes my decision to get rid of the houseplants.

All of the houseplants were covered under the porch greenhouse with blankets over them, but they couldn’t survive the temperatures this winter.

However, I wanted to provide you with some inspiration from others’ indoor grow operations for microgreens and other food. These are perfect for winter months when you need a little green and freshness to liven the mood of a dreary winter season.

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