Garden harvests & gardens tours (videos)

Oh-so many things are fruiting in the garden. The berries, cucumbers, and squash everyday. Here are the blueberry harvests so far this week…

I’m fighting all the animals and insects in the meantime too. The beetles are ripping into the grape vines, cherries, plums, peaches, and the nectarines. So today I sprinkled all spice, nutmeg, chili powder and bkack pepper and everything I could. We’ll see if this is effective.

The pears aren’t bothered surprisingly. But the birds are finding their way in through cracks in the netting to eat blueberries.

Anyway…I’ll post the video tours of the gardens below…

3 sisters garden, potato grow bags, and bucket tomatoes:

Home orchard and permaculture garden of melons, cukes, squash, peas, tomatoes and peppers. Everything in the gardens besides the potatoes were all started from seed.

Here is the video of the hardy kiwis as well. Last week I made a trellis arbor out of an old swing set that I recycled.