Garden dinner + grandma's country flower gardens

For dinner tonight, I harvested kale from the garden. With the kale, I quick fried it for a couple of minutes with salt, pepper, oil, and nutritional yeast, and then served that over rice. That was a very small serving because I didn’t know haveva lot of kale nor rice.

Funny enough, later in the night, James comes home and says he bought tortillas for garden wraps, so then I harvested lettuce and had that with finely chopped cucumbers, peppers, and onion (that he bought from the store). We ate that in wraps with guacomole and veggie chick’n strips (morning star brand)–and that was delicious; and a good way to end the day after swimming and planting flowers. When I get a chance, I’ll show you the flowers growing beautifully now between veggies.

I swam this weekend at my grandmother’s, and I love taking pictures of her flower gardens, so I’ll show you what I took pics of…