Garden art sign + big blueberries fruiting + flowers

I painted this art sign last night as a new addition to the others placed around the garden. I make them with old pieces of recycled pallets.

The blueberry plants are doing good as I am babying them with mulch, compost and regularly watering them.

I have 10 blueberry plants growing together but I think only 7 are mature enough that they are fruiting. And they are fruiting quickly, with some already having big blueberries.

Other summer plants growing are the Irises and Hostas now. I wish they would take over this yard more aggressively considering it seems the ivy and invasive plants are taking over the yard instead. It’s impossible to clean a hill side facing the road…. 

In my last post I said I had put posts around the tomatoes and peppers so I’ll show you the rest of the garden I didn’t show you in the last post. As you can see here the clay soil around the plants needs to be mulched with leaves.


Tomatoes and basil

Early girl tomatoes

Watermelons sowed and needs mulched over clay soil