Filling the garden with more seedlings & other work

The greens are getting bigger by the day, and I continue to transplant more seedlings around them. Although they’re small seedlings, I have many different types in one area.

There are three rows of a mix of carrots, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, collards, spinach, cilantro, beets, swiss chard, lettuce, and radishes that will grow symbiotically. These are perfect cool weather crops to grow together.

The weather has turned hot and dry so I have had to diligently water the garden. The greens and potatoes are thankful for the water because they growing quickly…

In this garden bed, I watered the squash varieties (straightneck, cushaw, and pumpkins) I sowed days ago, then covered them in the evening. The moisture and heat will jump start the seeds. 

I did the same for the cucumber varieties in another garden bed, and layed out the trellis to assemble it for them to climb as they grow.

Here I have worked the soil, adding compost of my own, even adding compost that I bought under this polytunnel where I’ll grow watermelons.

I have two beds that have hard clay soil which I have also been amending with compost, vermiculite, perlite. The soil is so hard though that I’m simply going to dig holes for compost around tomatoes and peppers– which I’ve already started indoors. I’ve already made the holes, added the compost and poles, but I’m going to wait till the tomatoes and peppers get bigger before transplanting.

I’m excited because there’s food growing all, over the yard and I see progress — especially the blueberries that are already forming their blue fruits.

9 blueberries– most blooming and forming fruits