Figs growing, Popcorn plant, & fall flower & Basil garden

Canna flower 

The figs haven’t been as prolific this year compared to last  

But these two fig trees are loaded with fruits so I hope they ripen before the first frost

This Cassia plant really smells like popcorn and it’s another
tropical plant I’m growing Kentucky  

I have a basil garden I need to harvest soon as well 

As I was taking photos, I stumbled upon these morning glories 

The color of the morning glories have a beautiful shine

There are many beautiful flowers in the fall garden, the ironweeds, goldenrods, aster, and herbs. Peppers and lettuce are still growing so I’m still eating a little out of the garden. There’s a horned worm helping me eat the food too. I noticed many pepper and tomato plants with the tops chewed clean off.

That’s what to expect in a garden, of course, and I have a rabbit too because I have noticed paths of rabbit dung and beds amongst the herbs, flowers and other weeds. The garden going into fall is still very much alive and well even though I’m eatjng significantly less food in the garden than a month ago. I have many herbs though I need to harvest, including the figs and pears if they ripen before the frost.