Fall food Harvest from the gardens

More salsa canned with the garden peppers, tomatoes and herbs 

This is some of the last garden harvests of the summer, and today is the first of Fall. I didn’t sow seed for the Fall but there are some cabbage and lettuce plants that might survive for the next month or two.

I have been picking lettuce sparingly in making my tofurky sandwiches to take to work. I’ll miss the many dinners of fried fresh beans and peppers. I’m still harvesting potatoes as well, and tomorrow I need to dig more up from the ground and the potatoes from the grow bags. 

I have my fall scene up with pumpkins, foddershocks, gourds from the garden, and of course my cool scarecrows I’ve made in the past. I have to organize it again though because it looks like somebody or something attacked the scarecrow and smashing or eating the fall harvest.
Everybody is already putting out their fall scenes, because stores are putting out the displays and boxes of pumpkins out early. It’s all very enticing too, but I’m going to try to resist buying any autumn and halloween decor. Save your money by growing your own fall harvest to display and DIY scarcrow for halloween!