Fall autumn quince dessert

There are fruits and flavors that remind us of the fall autumn season: cinnamon, pumpkin, pear, apple, persimmons, and oranges. Actually I ate a pear from my garden today, and it was good for a Kieffer pear.

The lesser known fruits of the season are quince and figs…which I incorporated in a tiny delectably simple dessert.

Pineapple quinces

I have never grown quinces, nor have I tasted thrm before, but the other day I came across some at the store so I thought I’d try them. I cut one up today and noticed this fruit is unique from others in that it is like a sponge and is inedible raw. I looked into quinces, and sure enough I realized they need to be cooked.
I have a flavor bible book hat recommends pairing quinces with some of hose other fall flavors. So, I used the quince that I had already cut into cubes to cook in a small pot with apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chopped pecans, and cut up figs harvested from my garden.

I cooked this mixture for 15 minutes on low, then drizzled it over top of vegan toast with melted coconut “cheese.” I call this a hillbilly gourmet because toast isn’t quite fancy but it is somewhat a fancy dessert because of the high quality fruit ingredients. It’s quick to melt some vegan cheese on top with a beautiful array of flavors that comfort you.
Here’s a picture of a similar dessert with the quince…I didn’t take a picture of the one described here because I ate it immediately!