Eating off the land & garden dinner ideas

With garden cabbage and carrots, I have made cole slaw.  Usually cole slaw has mayonnaise but I veganized the recipe with non-dairy and egg free mayonnaise and mustard. It was goid in its own but I also ate it on sandwiches with veggie patties.

With the blueberry pickin’s I have been making a smoothie every morning with them and almond “milk.”

With the cucumbers and tomatoes I have been eating salads. The dressing I have been using recently is this poppy seed dressing. The cucumbers have been prolific so I’m also pickling them.

I have pickled 14 jars of cucumbers so far

I harvested lots of beans the other day so I fried them with some garden potatoes too.

With the yellow squash I’m harvesting, I’m still eating them fried over rice. Same way with the Chanterelle mushrooms, I fry them and eat with rice.

These meals are very basic, very country, and I’ve said this before: it’s a good feeling to eat from the things you grew. The process is like no other to nurture and provide…it’s not like hunting or raising animals to eat…this is saving the seed, planting the seed, composting food scraps to give nutrients to the plants, water it, and patiently wait and pick an abundance of food almost entirely free or low cost. And with this style of permaculture gardening, it is low maintenance so less work.