Covering the fruit trees from snow & other fruits trying to grow

It was a cold and snowy morning so I prepared for the snow last night by covering the tulip garden and blooming fruit trees. When I woke up this morning, I knocked off the snow from the tree covers and the row covers on the tulips.

Obviously I can’t cover the bigger fruit trees, but I can cover the blueberries and actually I should have because they’re trying to bloom as well.

The two large pear trees and plum are too big to cover

The old peach is too big to cover

I have kept the 3 fig trees covered all winter & spring so far

I think there’s less than 10 blueberries and most of them are trying to bloom

2 goji plants are leafing but the other 2 are not
The other 2 goji are here with aronia plants and grape vines that are leafing
The raspberries are leafing out here, but the 5th goji here is also not leafing yet