Container & indoor garden with potted Cauliflower & microgreens

Much of the outdoor garden has been harvested like the broccoli, lettuce, peas, and radishes. I’m not sure if the artichoke will survive any longer through the winter, although I have attempted to cover it heavily through these cold nights.

But I dug up the cauliflower from the garden because they were growing so well, and I planted them in their own large pots. Also with the bok choy and nappa cabbage I bought from the store and ate, I planted the roots of the bok choy and cabbage.
At night I cover the potted plants individually with the grow bags I used for the potatoes. I can bring these potted plants inside, but I have so many potted plants as it is; so I am going to try and keep these covered every night through the winter, and even triple cover them if needed on the coldest nights.

Additionally, I am experimenting with growing microgreens to eat. I planted arugula, radish, and mustard seed and put them under a grow light. They have grown so quickly. Compare the first photo with the second, and you’ll see the progress within a couple of hours of growing.

Microgreens usually take about 8-10 days, sometimes longer, till you can harvest to eat the sprouts for sandwiches, wraps, in smoothies, or as a garnish on salads.