Bird netting for blueberries & recycled arbor for Hardy Kiwi plants

I have been doing several different projects this week. First, I made a arbor out of an old swing set for the hardy kiwi plants to trellis. It took hardly any time to put it together by myself so I don’t know why I had been putting it off for years. You can watch my mini video of them on my youtube channel.

Then I noticed birds eating at the blueberries so I covered the fruiting plants with netting. Six of the 10 blueberries are older and have a lot of fruit so I focused on covering them. I was annoyed because the netting ended up costing 52$ to only cover the six plants. 
But I digress…also this week I rolled down large rocks from the woods to use in the cob house. They were the size of boulders so I feel like my arms are dislocated or torn from my body. 
This week I also noticed my turtle buddy isn’t leaving and it’s completely planted itself in my watermelon patch. I remember a tarpin I took care of for months after it was stuck in our well; and the tarpins that come back to my garden, and I wonder if it’s the same one…but who knows…

I’ve got a turtle buddy living full time in the garden

Made this arbor trellis for the hardy kiwis with an old swing set 

Put together bird netting for the blueberries