Asparagus, lettuce harvest, & putting up garden fencing

The two days of consistent rain made the plants grow, and I was able to pick big lettuce leafs and harvest more Asparagus.

Yesterday while the ground was still wet, I transplanted tomatoes where I put posts, then transplanted basil seedlings with the tomatoes. I may transplant more tomatoes and peppers today as well since I already have holes dug and posts up for them. But the plants aren’t big yet so I’m debating still– I’m sure they’ll do better than in the small pots they’re growing in.

Additionally I put up the fencing for the cucumbers and peas. I laid down fencing on the squash mound because my cat likes to specifically dig, pee and dookie in this mound, so I’m trying to prevent my cat from doing that around the small squash seedlings. Once they grow big enough, my cat won’t get on the mound and I ca then use the fencing for them to grow on.