Almost 80 degrees in winter–Spring flowers are blooming

Yesterday the 20th of February was a record breaking (almost) 80 degrees in my area. I took advantage of the weather, and brought all of my houseplants outside to get fresh air and sunlight.

6 pineapples, and many tropical houseplants

As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, I’m making rock paths around the garden and yard to combat the mud we track into the house. It has been rainy here in northern Kentucky as well, with lots of flooding. Here is a picture of one of the rock paths, and in the dip below where the plants are, I want to convert this area into a rock patio so I can sit a small table and chair for writing or drinking tea.

I have called this pineapple Big Bertha for years

This is another heavy plant I can barely maneuver 

The flowers outside also appreciated the weather. The other bed of crocuses bloomed, and the daffodils bloomed today as well. The flowers are pleasureful to the eyes, and they give me much inspiration for writing.

It was my 28th birthday (days ago), which I forgot to mention, unless you’re following me on facebook. My grandma made me peach cobbler, I got bib overalls, and rubber boots which I desperately needed as well.

In a couple of weeks, my sister is coming home for spring break, and hopefully the blooming spring flowers will show themselves as an inviting “welcome back”…The tulips, hyacinths, and irises are poking their leaves out of the ground…


strawberry, daffodil, tulip, crocus, iris flower beds

when you have sporadically growing tulips in places in the yard, you rock around them too

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