80 degrees here & mulching the gardens + flower photos

Yesterday I got a truck load of mulch for 20 dollars and spread it on the hugelkultur mounds as well as the fruit trees, flower garden and the fruit bushes. I have peas, cabbages, cauliflower, and collards growing in the garden now so I really needed them mulched during this hot period then cold of April.

Mulched around greens and peas
Mulched this bed for squashes in May

Mulched around greens in bed on the left, not sure what to plant on the right

Mulched fruit trees and fruit bushes 

The truckload was actually so much mulch that I even spread it on an additional garden bed and my grandma’s trees and flowers I planted for her. This is a tip: do not buy bagged soil as it is expensive and never enough soil. 20 dollars for will get you 2 bags of soil at Southern States or Lowe’s. So I get a truck load from an Amish community that works a garden center.

After mulching almost everything in two people’s yards yesterday, I can feel every part of my body aching from shoveling the mulch. Even today I cleaned my second garden, started shoveling the soil and had a fire until it set in rain…

But yesterday was successful because I used the mulch for the grow bags and planted potatoes in them as well. I’m glad at least I have several rows of food growing now because actually I am a little behind schedule this year from the cold spring weather.

Grow bags with potatoes

 According to farmer’s almanac, the 13th through the 15th are good days to cultivate so I wanted to get the mulching around the plants done. It was 80 degree weather here in northern Kentucky, and it will be very warm for the next couple of days.

There is going to be a couple of cool days so after that I’m going to transplant more of my greenhouse seedlings and sow root crops and greens.

Today made more of the Tulips to bloom out. They’re so magnificent.