50 lbs of potatoes planted today

Shoveled, tilled and hoed in 50 lbs of potatoes to the second garden. Some of the potatoes were put into grow bags beside this garden as well.

Also today I transplanted tomatoes into the garden, and put fencing around my third garden to keep out a groundhog from getting into the cantaloupe seed.

I transplanted the Cassia pop corn plant beside the new lavendar plants. And that in itself was a full days work, so I’m exhausted…I hope there is a light rain tomorrow that is supposed to set in, and that should really make the veggies grow big and strong.

I was happy because I got a piece of good news…The spicket outside was leaking so much that the water bill was 90 dollars. Last month I fixed the spicket and got the bill back that was 37 dollars, yippee–I fixed it! Another piece of good news is that I got back the results on my mammogram and ultrasound after I felt a big lump, and it was a normal benign lump that was only dense breast tissue. So I’m very thankful to be healthy, and be able to work in the garden which gives me joy every day…